Cactus Bar Sanitation & Disinfecting Protocols

The Cactus Bar is doing our best to maintaining and follow all rules pertaining to safety and sanitation through CDC and Idaho Rebounds Protocols to ensure our customers and employees safety to protect against Covid-19(Coronavirus). Therefore, the following guidelines/rules have been put into place:


  • Please do not come into the bar if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other viruses. We are not only concerned with the health of our staff, but each and every customer.
  • All employees are required to report if they have flu like symptoms and will be asked to not come into work if flu like symptoms exist.
  • All games, table tops, counter tops, and high touch traffic areas will be sanitized by our staff members on a regular basis.
  • All game stations, jukebox, and photo booth will have a sanitizing wipes for customers to sanitize before and after use.
  • All employees will have their own hand sanitizers at each till station and will be sanitizing regularly.
  • There will be no touch hand sanitizers placed around the bar for customer’s convenience.
  • We want customers to physically notice that we are taking the extra steps for sanitizing all contact surfaces.
  • We have removed the bar snack station and the self-serve water stations for the time being. These may be open again sometime in the future.
  • Chairs will be strategically spaced out for social distancing.
  • During Stage 3 of re-opening we will be operating at 50% of capacity to help with social distancing.
  • We will keep the jukebox volume at a lower decibel in order to keep people from having to raise their voices to speak to each other.

We thank everyone for their patience and kindness with us during this time. We are doing our best with the new restrictions. We love you and are thrilled to welcome you all back! Thank you so much for your support!